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NA LF Smaller to Midsized PvE Guild

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Hello Everyone!


I am in search of a tight knit PvE guild that does raids, fractals, strike missions, etc.  I have played GW2 off and on for a long time but have been hooked for a while now.  I have cleared a bit of the GW2 raids but the guild I joined merged with another one and it didn't work out.  While my GW2 experience is limited I have tons of mythic wow experience achieving CE many tiers, I make sure and always optimize my characters and build for each fight and am no stranger to lots of farming and wipes. I live in the EST and would need a guild that raids afternoons/evenings during the week or anytime on the weekends.


If you think I might be a good fit for your group please add me on discord (Inevitable#1851) or message me in game (Rivalution.8541)



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