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[SHED] - The Chicken Shed - A New Small Guild - EU - PVE - Social

a Tossha.8572

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Currently Looking For: A couple of new chickens!!

Main Chat Language: English

Guild Most Active: Afternoons/Evenings between 5 -10pm (GMT)
Contact Info:

In Game -  a tossha.8572 

Discord - Toshax#9628


Guild Info Name: The Chicken [SHED]

Gameplay: PvE (some will join in PvP and WvW if we are on the same server)

Server: EU


The Chicken [SHED] are looking to add nice and fun people to our family. We aim to have a small/medium sized guild with around 20 members where people know each other. From new players to the very experienced and all in between, everyone is welcome and can be found in the guild. 


What we offer;
- Friendly and helpful to new members
- Relaxed atmosphere, no yelling when someone makes a mistake
- When we have the numbers we hope to run fractals/strikes and more
- NEW guild hall Gilded Hollow with boosters
- Friendly and helpful members -Help with stuff you want to do 


What we expect from you;
- Age 18+ (Our average age is around 30.)
- To be able to at least listen to us on Discord during guild activities.
- Behave in a mature way, meaning intolerance of any kind is not welcome here


Age - 

Country -

Server (aka eu?) - 

Why do you wanna join us? -

What do you like to do ingame? -

Are you willing to get good gear and change your setup if needed? -


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