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[AU/OCE/SEA] [FITE] Barfight Bro's - Recruiting New & Returning Players


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Anyone can become a Barfight Bro (or Broette), but we pride ourselves in particular on recruiting new and returning players and helping (re)acquaint them with the vast amount of PVE content now available. 
We aim to learn together, be it Dungeons, Fractals, Strikes, Map Metas or Raids. We are in constant consultation with our members on what they'd like to learn and experience next. Of course, experienced players are also welcome, but as one, every now and then you'll be willing to lend a hand, offer advise and perhaps even teach members a thing or two in-game. The goal is to provide a safe, helpful and fun environment for all members, regardless of skill and/or experience levels. To aid us in this, we've purposefully slowed our recruitment rate. Consequently, we are still considered relatively small, but find that actually works to our advantage, as it allows genuine friendships to form. Well established Guilds with hundreds of members can be daunting and many exist just to tick off in-game achievements easily.
We run Guild Missions every week and have a shiny new Guild Hall being levelled up. If you want to get in on the ground floor and play a significant role in helping grow a Guild, there's a spot for you!
Discord isn't essential, but will certainly be beneficial. All Guld related events are organized on our Discord server. It's also where we hang out, get to know each other, and make new friends. If you're interested, hit me up here or in-game :) Those who reside in OCE/SEA will get the most out of their membership as we primarily operate within these time zones (Guild leaders are all AUS based).
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I've been playing this game for about 3 weeks that's rather short time to understand GW2 community wholly but it feels to me that there hasn't been a continuous inflow of new players. I joined rather big guild the ppl were very kind but it was so hard to find someone who wanted to do t1 fractal run one by one regularly.  

I think I need new players like me who wants to experience all those vast PvE contents this game provides. The amount of contents this game throws me is almost daunting but that also thrills me. 

I really appreciate that you set your goal such a convincing and specific way. I hope you're still recruiting. 

I play in GMT +8 timezone. I'm not a native English speaker. I am not that good at video games but I have plenty of time to play so I'm pretty sure I can be a quite a contributor. 

(wow it was long. plz give me an invite 🙂 )

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