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Wind Storm gets you stuck in walls/props much too often

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Wind Storm (Ele Hammer, Air 4) gets you stuck in walls and scenery props quite regularly when it knocks you backwards. Happened to me 3 or 4 times in the last 30 ranked games or so. Less of an issue for PvE since the skills is rarely used (although the knockback makes it pretty undesirable to use even for breakbars... but that's a separate issue). Been an issue since release, but I guess more noticeable now ppl are actually using hammer cat in PvP.


Seems like a similar long standing issue as some as the other knockback skills (Ranger Close Range Shot, Rev Downed Skill 2 etc), but this is almost even more feelsbad since its self inflicted. If the bug isn't possible to fix, can the skill be altered a bit so it doesn't occassionally CC the user for 30+ seconds while they wait for /stuck to work.

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