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Acolytes of Echovald [ECHO]

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Hello Fellow Tyrians!

      I am Havoc, leader of ECHO. ECHO is a judgement and harassment free place for all kinds of people. It does not matter if you just got your first character out of the starter instance or have been playing since launch, you are welcome in ECHO. We aim to help people in any way we can.


      We are currently a small guild that was formed This last year. We are growing every week with new members and are looking for more to join our community!

-What we are looking for: We are currently looking for more friendly, active members who are interested in Raids, Strikes, and Fractals. We offer Raid training and clears; Strike training and clears; and Low Tier, T4, and CM Fractal training.


-We are pretty casual in all areas of the game. However, there are a few expectations that are a must.

Discord. We post all of the events, helpful information, etc. in Discord channels. We use Discord voice channels during guild sponsored events (and any time people just want to talk). You do not have to speak in the voice channels, but we do require you be in them to be able to listen to instructions. No elitism or harassment. This is non negotiable. We are all here to have fun in a safe, friendly, non-judgemental environment. (LGBTQIA+ friendly)

-Repping. The only rep requirement is to rep ECHO when you are playing with other guild members and/or during guild sponsored events.

-What we offer: Guild Sponsored Events (see below for a complete list of guild sponsored events) Friendly community to help you reach your in game goals. A safe place from elitism and harassment. -Guild Sponsored Events: (Currently being reworked) All Guild Sponsored Events are based around evenings in the US Eastern Time zone. Most events last roughly two hours. Friday: Guild Raid Night at 9pm Saturday: Guild Hosted Static Raid group Sunday: Open World/Help a guildie/Misc. Typically around 7pm (Reset) but can start earlier or later depending on the event.


-How to join: Apply online at here : ECHO App


Follow the instructions in the Welcome Channel. Accept the rules in the Rules Channel. Follow the instructions in the Apply Channel.

-If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out:

Havocwagon (Guild Lead)

GW2 IGN: Haovcwagon.7829 (yes the typo is correct)

Discord: Havocwagon#5190

-You can also Message one of the other leaders in game:

Haovcwagon.7829 (Guild Lead)

EnergyEagle.9431 (Guild Lead)

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