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Willbender physical skills suggestions/discussion


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I've been playing willbender in WvW since EoD launch and I am try including physical skills in different builds but these skills seem particularly weak/clunky compared with other options that guardian have. Is just me or someone is having success using physical skills? So, I bring some suggestions to collaborate (remember that numbers can be adjusted to balance the game, my intention here it’s not making WB OP, I just think we need some adjustment/versatility in physical skills).


Reversal of Fortune: I don't like the Idea of stopping attack and enter in the enemy range to get hit and heal. So, instead of just stop attack, you keep punishing your enemy even when using a heal skill. The idea is making a heal skills works as a counter, and in addition to the previous effect, the heal skills now damage or cc your enemy when hit (like spellbreaker F1 or guardian mace 3).


Flash Combo and Heel Crack: These two skills could be fused in one: Shadowstep to your target and perform a quick heel strike that stuns your target. If you stun your enemy gain access to repose (15sec).


Roiling Light and Quick Retribution: The way these skills work now is very hard to get value from it, so the idea is simple, use the same skill/animation but reverse the order. First comes Quick Retribution where you break stun and lunge forward and unleash a disorienting strike at your foe, dazing them (a faster counter cc), after this you gain access to Roiling Light (10sec): dodge backward, blinding foes and gaining swiftness.


Heaven's Palm: Allows WB keep moving while casting it and add a break stum and an evade frame could make this skill compete with renewed focus.


New physical skill: I feel that wb is great to chase enemies, but it’s not that great in terms of disengage/defend yourself because in most of the time you must use your mobility/virtues offensively. So, the suggestion is creating a new physical skill that block attacks (1s), if you successfully block an attack, you gain access to another skill, a ground target teleport with 900 range (10sec).


Ps. My English is bad, sorry about this.

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