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Specter Wells covering all other AOE visuals

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This has been an issue since Specter was introduced in beta and is incredibly frustrating . 
Every single well Specter casts blacks out every other AOE on the ground, especially if multiple are cast on top of each other. This causes many issues especially in group content such as not seeing a lethal boss attack, any upcoming AOE damage and also green AOE mechanics.

This can easily cause groups to get wiped out during an encounter because no one can see where the attack will hit or late reactions which can be detrimental to success.

As nice as unique effects are to see, they should never obstruct AOE mechanic visuals.

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Any update on this? The wells blocking stuff like Deimos oils is an extra layer of complexity that's not fun.

Here's what I tried to no avail:

  • "Effect LOD": always checked.
  • "Disable Area-of-Effect Rings": Checked , which doesn't remove the well effect but removes mechanics AOEs like oils.
  • Medium "Character Model Limit" and "Character Model Quality", but it doesn't tone down the well 
  • Unchecked "High-Res Character Textures", but the effect is still overpowering the AOEs.
  • Unchecked "Ambient Occlusion"
  • Textures: to "Low"
  • Shadows: "off"
  • Shaders:  "Low"
  • Postprocessing to "None"
  • Animation: "Low"
  • Antialiasing: "Off"


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