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Constructive (Hopefully) Feedback: Bladesworn Replicable Bugs & Design Issues: A List & Discussion

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Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AsprXQxo7k

Heya Tyria!

So I've been playing pretty much nothing but Bladesworn since the release of EoD, & Balance issues aside, I took the time + testing to make a rundown of all of Bladsworn's Replicable Bugs & General Inconsistencies that I can find.

The first part of the video discusses some of the "systems problem" that arises from the design change from not having to have the Gunsaber equipped in order to pull your Dragon Trigger (F2), similar to how Revenant underwent a design revamp to include 2 weapon sets and cooldowns after it's beta test, while the second part dives into replicable bugs.

Since making this video I also discovered that the weapon traits behave inconsistently. Most Warrior traits assume/treat the Gunsaber as a different weapon but several do not and you receive full bonuses while wielding it.

I hope this helps give feedback and fix these bugs before the steam release so that the Devs can move on to, actual balance issues with hopefully a PvP and WvW balance (or if I can dream here, a complete Warrior overhaul patch,) coming soon!


--- Bladesworn Weapon Trait Problems: ---

0) *Not Included In the Video, But See Screenshots In Imgur Album -- Some weapon traits work with Gunsaber as if you have the weapon equipped. Assuming all of the other rules for Gunsaber being a separate weapon & not a true bundle listed below apply:

(Axe trait and Greatsword trait both correctly: do not apply the double bonuses with an Axe/GS equipped respectively. While the Sword and Dual Wielding traits incorrectly apply their bonuses with the required weapons equipped.)

*This assumes that the "correct" interaction would be to treat the Gunsaber as an entirely different weapon set & not a bundle.

*Also the sword trait gives 160 Expertise not 120. But this is a general Warrior bug.

Imgur Album Link: https://imgur.com/a/yx3GlJC


--- Bladsworn Dragon Trigger Design & Inconsistencies: ---

  1. Because of the rework weapon swap cooldown is inconsistent with how other classes and warrior burst skills play. *It also sometimes just improperly resets your weapon swap cooldown when triggering F2 from your non-Gunsaber Weapon set while weapon swap is on cooldown with [Daring Dragon] equipped. This seems to be tied to whether you drop DT after the first slash or the first (repeated) slash. But not sure.

Solution > Have the game revert to the previous weapon set & not always Gunsaber.

2) Because of 1) ^ swapping into F2 counts as weapon swapping *sometimes (Triggers on-swap sigils?) ***Should it??????

Solution > Remove the game having to swap into the Gunsaber bundle to enter Dragon Trigger.

*If this is fixed & made consistent one way or the other, please have it revert to the previous weapon set & not Gunsaber by default.

3) Nudging your character drops you out of Dragon Trigger (F2) stance equips your Gunsaber & puts DT on a micro cooldown, very abusable in PvP.

Solution > Make F2 root you like Deadeye Rifle 5 and make the cooldown consistent, (either 4 or 8 seconds.)


--- Bladesworn Replicable Bugs & General Problems: ---

4) DT Boost still gets stuck on terrain all the time.

S > Make Boost reduce the size of your character's hitbox to 1, elevate it, > cast DT boost, > reset your collision size.

5) DT Reach does not follow terrain pathing properly and will not hit an enemy if they are below where you initially cast it.

S > Make it a real projectile or targeted skillshot & fix the pathing.

6) The new DT reach sometimes does not cleans conditions with the Defense Trait [Cleansing Ire].

S > Fix this ^

7) None of the DT skills trigger [Furious Burst] you only (sometimes) gain fury when dropping out of Dragon Trigger. - Seems to be tied to if you expand all your flow or not but not sure.

S > Have it apply Fury after casting a DT slash with the icd.

8 ) [Sundering Burst] Applies on EVERY DT slash. Not even on different ones.

S > Make it only apply on different slashes.


--- QoL Stuff: ---

9) Turning or nudging your character in DT stance drops you out of it. This is dumb, it should root you like the Deadeye Rifle 5 skill.

You can't turn your character or otherwise aim your dragon slashes. So, for example, when you're fighting a thief that you know has stealthed & run behind you. You just need to sit there & wait for him to back-attack you like a goober.

S > Make DT root you like Deadeye Rifle 5.


S > Make it so you can turn your character model in DT while rooted & make Dragon Triggers 2 & 3 aimable skill shots like chronomancer shield 5.

10) [Versatile Power] affects the cooldown of the actual burst skills and not the cooldown of the Dragon Trigger F2 stance. - Which would be fine if there was any advantage to

having your Dragon Triggers have lower cooldowns. But normally you only get 1 cast of each, and even with [Daring Dragon] equipped, because the game: Unequips Dragon Trigger > Equips the Gunsaber > Does the Flow Threshold check > Re-equips the Gunsaber > Reenters Dragon Trigger,

There is a substantial amount of time between being able to repeatedly cast the same, or even different Dragon Trigger burst skills. So having these have a lower cooldown has not advantage.

S > Make the game perform the check for Daring Dragon BEFORE it unequips DT. And don't make the game equip the Gunsaber to enter DT. And make [Versatile Power] apply to the actual cooldown of the DT F2 stance.

*11) You can't sheathe the Gunsaber even tho the animation is already in the game & this is a crime.

S > Just make pressing sheathe weapon' while you have DT equipped equip a different kit with no skills that unequips in combat & has the sheathed animation.

12...) Probably lots more stuff.


I tried to be as clear as I could in the video. But if you have any questions or if I can help at all, let me know!

I hope someone gets something out of this because I really do want the class to be consistent & good!! Thanks!

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