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All the Catalyst bugs I know of.

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Hi, I'm just going to list all of the catalyst bugs that currently exist which I encountered/know about since it was released into the game.

* Hammer 3's orbs - disappear when hitting invulnerable targets.
* Hammer 3's orbs - disappear when hitting some structures (less common, but one particular case is the Hand phase on Adina, the raid boss)
* All energy depletes when going into downstate
* All energy stays depleted after a Full /GG in instanced content like raid/fractals instead of refilling like with druid's celestial avatar.
* Energy spheres cannot be used even while at full energy, as long as you use something like an adrenal mushroom, or mistlock singularity while having below 10 energy - until you attack something.
* Hammer 4 air attunement on catalyst will not always push you back the full distance when you target something, it will only push your back the remaining of the range of 600 from your target. In cases where you are beyond 600 range from your target, you will not be pushed at all. (Frankly, getting self-pushed half a mile when you want to cc, is super un-interactive. It just doesn't work, and yes, you do fly off cliffs. I can see it being useful in pvp/wvw though).
* The auto attack chain after casts that were worked on at the june 28th patch were only partially fixed. You now immediately can cast an ability after completing a FULL attack chain in water attunement, but if you stop at the first or second attack of the chain, you still have the same aftercast as before. This also includes fire auto attacks. They still have an aftercast between the auto attack, and chaining another ability to it.

As a final note, while I'm upset at something like the damage output of the class at the moment, for me, fixing these bugs with the priority towards fixing the hammer 3 orbs, is far more important for the functionality of the class.
Thank you Arenanet in advance, and to anyone who reads the post.

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