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Returning Player LF WvW Guild

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Hey there Mr. Vikings God. ūüôā¬†Such a good show.

I am leader and commander for [BEER]. We are a NA Havoc/Smallscale guild looking to grow. What does this mean? We aren't a giant zerg or blob (over 25 players in squad). We like to keep our party small and personal (no more than 15 players). We enjoy outnumbered fights and learning our classes/builds. We help those looking to grow and learn their class/build. 

We are currently on Henge of Denravi (NA Server). Since you didn't specify which server you are on or region you are a part of.  Just throwing a shot in the dark! If interested just let me know! I also posted a recruiting post you can check out.


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The Ministry Of Invaders [MoI], is a Guild Focused on WvW,  an EU guild, based on Aurora Glade and we are currently recruiting New Invaders and train them to be some Elite Invaders someday.


We are a casual Guild looking for all people whether you're a beginner or a veteran or whoever you are, we welcome you in [MoI].


To join the Guild you are required to:
- Speak or Understand English.
- Represent us most the time to encourge us. 
- Join the Guild's Discord and Join voice, (No Mic Needed)
- Play with the Builds we posted (If we asked you to.) But of course all classes are welcome to us.

- Have fun with us all the time and not be toxic.


Our Guild Raids is yet to be announced until we get the amount of people to start an actual Raid, but that won't let us have no content! We will have weekly twice roaming squads to build ourselves up, so don't hesitate on joining us. We Are Full Of Invasion All The Time!!!!


If you would to become an Invader in our Ministry please be sure to DM me here on Discord @FERO32#6291 or  send me a message in-game at: fero busaie.4076


Together We Invade and Get Drinks Of Blood.

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