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Inconsistency with Aurene's Facet of Crystal achievement items: "fury" instead of "crystal"

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I couldn't find any section for spelling/typos so posting this here, apologies if this is not the correct section (please let me know).

Currently, if you check Aurene's Facet of Shadows and Aurene's Facet of Plant achievement, there are two items in each achievement called "Fragment of Prismatic ...":
Uncharged Fragment of Prismatic Shadows
Fragment of Prismatic Shadows
Uncharged Fragment of Prismatic Plant
Fragment of Prismatic Plant
However, in Aurene's Facet of Crystal these items are Uncharged Fragment of Prismatic Fury and Fragment of Prismatic Fury. This in an inconsistency because they should be named "Fragment of Prismatic Crystal" to match the other items' nomenclature.
Otherwise, both Shadows and Plant items should be renamed to "Death" and "Mind" respectively to keep the consistency with "Fury". 

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