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Error 3023 and account locked.

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My main account has been locked for more than a week now.

I don't know what's the exact reason behind it but I did play it with VPN on for once or two. 


Last week I sent a ticket through email to the support team and they responded me within a day with 'the account is banned forever and may not be assisted again' without any explanation. This is just stupid. I have seen many people got their account unblocked from this 'security sweep'. 


I submitted a ticket again on Monday from my main account and alt. How long does it take for the support team process a quest without just copy paste answers?  Or am I being flag and they will simply don't look at my request anymore? 

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Sending duplicate tickets will send your request to the back of the queue. 

If the CS Team said the account was permanently terminated, it likely wasn't for a 'security sweep'.  You said you didn't know the reason for the termination. 

You can update your ticket and ask to have it escalated to a Senior Team Member.

Good luck.

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