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[Misleading Info When Crafting a jade bot module]

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When crafting the Recycle Jade Slivers Bot Module (I believe any module will have the same issue) if you have equipped the required sigil in a weapon in an equipment template, it shows you have enough materials to craft the Module, but trying to craft it never does so (because it doesnt unequip the sigil). 


Here is an example: https://i.gyazo.com/9b0db46651ae82b1a8a57fd8f25b7f70.mp4 I have 2 sigils of Accuracy equiped on 2 templates and it doesnt let me craft it (of course, the sigils are not available). I had to craft another one (unused) to be able to craft the module.


This bug should be fixed to be able to check wheater the sigils are available (not in template, only in bank or inventory). Otherwise is misleading and not intuitive why its not working.



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