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LW 2 Gates of Maguuma replay automatically triggered after completing Scarlet's War S1 History Lesson

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The only story I had not completed on a particular character was Scarlet's War > Season 1 History Lesson.

Clicked "Begin This Story" on Scarlet's War. Visited Magister Ela Makkay in Lion's Arch, watched Scarlet's War cinematic.

When cinematic ended, the game automatically triggered "Replay This Chapter" on Living World Season 2 > 1. Gates of Maguuma, even though I had already played this story episode before.

I know that I can simply use "Quit This Episode", but then it leaves that chapter marked as "Continue This Story", and it leaves that episode marked as "Continue This Episode" and "Restart This Episode". I don't want any of those markers on that story -- I already completed it.

I think this is a bug. I don't think the game should automatically re-start portions of the story for me.

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