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[SMW] Shadowmoon Warriors Is Recruiting >NA-PvX<

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Recruiters: SupportTrooper.7315, Shaidiar.3658, Aestyr.1097
Server: Mixed
Language: English (Worldwide)

NA | PvX | Isle of Reflection | Lvl 67


Shadowmoon is a multi-gaming community aimed to be supportive to one another while having fun! We offer a family-friendly place to enjoy your adventures with like-minded members that could be relaxed and chill or out in the battlefield causing chaos. 


Very Active, Helpful, Social | Guild Missions & Group Events Weekly | Size: 150-200 | Welcome all players & levels |Dungeons, Fractals, Strikes, World Events, PvP, Raids soon| A guild to meet friendly gamers & make long-lasting friendships


- Be active (We all have real life deal with so be as active as you can be)
- Contribute to the guild
- Discord is highly recommended (Mic not required)
- Family-Friendly
- Respect everyone within.
- No Drama, Be Mature


Notes: SMW Website | Discord

Last updated: Oct 19, 2022

Edited by SupportTrooper.7315
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