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[NA] [LFG] Looking for static raids, strikes, fractals!


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Howdy, looking for a static to join. I have legendary heavy armor and runes so I am able to fill a variety of roles. Looking to farm light legendary armor. I've had quite the bit of exposure to raids but I haven't come close to finish all of them and would like to. I use discord extensively. I can do t4 fractals, it's been a minute since I have done it tough. I am quasi-hardcore, I like the challenge, I like to challenge the status quo or the so-called "meta-builds" (though they end up being the best lol, typically unless thoroughly tested I don't try anything from the hip.) Ideally I am looking for a Guild that is dedicated to raids/end game gw2 content, not a gaming community of 1,000 + members. I am not interested in being a number on a roster. I want to contribute to the guild by dedicating my time to the static.

Looking for static to start around 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM MST during the weekdays, I don't have a lot of availability on the weekends. 

Other Time Zone info I am looking to play in:
6:00/7:00 PM PST
7:00/8:00 PM MST
8:00/9:00 PM CST
9:00/10:00 PM EST



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