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VB night and getting t4 with minimal rally points controlled?

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So I wonder if anyone has info or observations on minimum rally points defended that you need, to get high enough security level for t4 (along with killing the 5 bosses when choppers land).

When I see organized guilds do it, they have 5 tags who cover all the rally points with 2-3 people and try to get them all to t5 security level, which def seems to be way overkill for getting t4, but is sure a fun way to prove mastery over the meta.

When I see pug attempts at t4, efforts seem to be pretty scattershot, so it comes very down to the wire near the end, if we get close at all, and it's hard for me to see what is or isn't causing such a pug run to succeed or fail and what could be done to try to direct people in a way that will make success more likely and easier, without needing 5 tags and 50+ people across the map organized into sub groups. Like there's gotta be a middle ground for organizing here, that's more doable for pugs.

I'm wondering if there's any concrete info out there on things like:

what % of a security level does a successful rally point defend give and how much does the individual rally point defense level factor in, or is that just to make it easier to defend

what % does a pact escort event give, retaking a lost point, a rampaging mordrem event

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