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[NA][SoS] Occasional Perfection [oP] - Our small PvX community is recruiting


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Occasional Perfection [oP] is a small community of active Guild Wars 2 players and we are looking to add a few new members to game with us.

If you are looking for a group of friends to experience this game with, [oP] might be the home you are looking for. We welcome new players just learning the ropes and experienced veterans who have been there and done that. Our guild focuses on friendship over gear, numbers and gold. We are a no pressure guild that understands real life comes first. There is no need to continue to play on your own or to be just another number in a guild, when you can have friends to hang out with.

We aim to be a true PvX guild. This includes...

PvE: We do lots of PvE activites from open world and exploration to instanced content like strikes and fractals. We have members working on story, achievements and of course legendaries. We are not a raid guild or CM focused group. We may do these from time to time but will not have a group dedicated to that.

WvW: We run a lot of small scale WvW on Sea of Sorrows (along with our current link Sorrow's Furnace). You don't need to use guild builds to run with us and we are happy to help you get your feet wet here. No experience required.

PvP: We don't do a lot of PvP together at this point, but have connected for dailies. PvP is always more fun with friends so I'm hopeful we get to do more of this as we grow.

Our amazing bullet list:

  • A friendly, helpful crew to game with.
  • Discord server for voice and text chat in and out of the game.
  • Small numbers so we can get to know each other.
  • A beautiful guild hall at the Isle of Reflection with buffs, nodes and such.
  • Small scale WvW on Sea of Sorrows

We are looking to add a few recruits to our ranks. We only add a small number at a time so no one gets lost in the shuffle and we can get to know you. If we look like a good fit for you from this post, jump on our Discord for more information and to apply.


Larin (Ekhetrima.9651)

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