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[CHAT] New guild recruiting new friendly players to our Queer and All Inclusive Guild!


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[CHAT] Can't handle Anything.

Our guild was founded by friends looking to create a nice welcoming space for all players of all types! 

Join us as we grow and get to experience all the fun to Guildwars2 with us!


We have experienced players in all game modes, and are a Storbluff Isle based guild for WVW.

So come say Hi! If interested feel free to message me in game at euts.1683 or send mail, heck even post here!

We'd love to have you!


No rep required!



FAQ: If you're going to ask about the  mentioning of a All inclusive and  Queer emphasis. I ask you to simply please refrain.

To answer we are simply providing a space for like minded and diverse individuals on a game that welcomes players of all backgrounds!




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