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Hammer: Some Ideas


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Hey all. Warriors and hammers are a combo close to my heart. I've recently had some inspiration for some changes to the weapon's skills that I'd like to share.


--- Weapon Skills ---

■Fierce Blow:

I wanted to add a flip to this skill. It would retain its previous effects, but in addition, if you strike a controlled foe, you'd gain access to Belly Smash, which is based on a Gw1 skill of the same name:

Belly Smash: Slam your hammer down, kicking up dust that blinds nearby enemies (5 target cap). Leaves behind a dark field for 4 seconds

The goal here was to add a little soft aoe control to the hammer while sticking to its theme of victory via debilitating your foe rather than buffing yourself. The dark field was included to allow for another potential aoe blind thanks to Earthshaker's blast finisher.


■ Staggering Blow

Here, I took a bit of inspiration from Mesmer's Power Block. Previous effects are retained, but with some additions:

Staggering Blow: Interrupted enemies take more damage, and the interrupted skill takes longer to recharge

The goal here was to reward a well timed use of this skill. I lowered the base damage to compensate for the potential damage increase on interrupt


--- Honorable Mention ---

■ Sundering Mace (Defense Traitline)

I included this trait because, with some changes, it could apply to the hammer's playstyle. This trait is strange in that it's kinda the odd man out - it's one of the only weapon mastery trait that offers no bonuses across the board alongside its weapon specific bonuses. I feel like it could use a bonus that might help control focused weapons / skills:

  1. Stuns, dazes, and knockdowns applied by mace skills last longer. Mace skills gain reduced recharge (current effect)
  2. Your control effects apply vulnerability when hitting foes. If you interrupt an enemy, apply additional vulnerability



Let me know what your thoughts / your own ideas for hammer!

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