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(EU) (PvX, Far Shiverpeaks) Rogues to Riches (RtR)


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(EU) (PvX, Far Shiverpeaks) Rogues to Riches (RtR)


About us: (short and sweet)

We are RtR a now small guild with a big history. 

We started off in GW1 and had a big pve and pvp element, one of our  officers (at the moment on a leave from the game) even had a gw1 henchmen named after him!

We are currently starting this recruitment drive in order to help revitalize the guild! We’re looking for fresh blood, in the form of new, old or returning players of any level and experience.  


What we offer: (this and that)


  • We have a fully upgraded guildhall for you to use 
  • We complete guild missions every Sunday at 19:00 (GMT),
  • We also have an active discord channel,  (we are currently adding channels and events to help with new players, don't be shy use them to help us help you!)
  • Weekly WVW on Friday reset 
  • Our core group of players are veterans of the game and have a range of experience in all aspects of GW2 
  • Hopefully we can add weekly raids/strikes/fractals if we can get enough willing members to join in for practice sessions. 


What we require: (not much)


While it's not a hard requirement to rep 100% we would like you to represent the guild when you join in guild groups and events (multi-guilding is fine)

We are an 18+ guild as language and themes will not be regulated, however we always keep a good tone and behave in an adult manner.  

Mostly we want interactive friendly people to join us. 


If you would like to join us, send an in-game message to either 




and you can start a trial period to see if we are a match for you and vice versa.

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