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Elementary suggestion specialist of a target element


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I don't know if I'm the only one with this type of thought, but very often and even too often, the elemental classes in MMORPGs always force us to use all the elements to be opti with this class, but sometimes, I would like to be able to make a mage using only fire or only ice, as far as I'm concerned, it's my 2 elements of choice on a class of this type and in the optics of a DPS character.

So, I imagine that on guild wars it's always the same vision (at least that's what I understood with tutorial videos) for this class, however, since guild wars has the particularity of proposing a specialist system for each class of the game (which I find to be rather nice) couldn't it allow to add specialists for each element ? so that for once, an elemental can choose his favorite element without being penalized because of this type of choice ? 

It would be the pyro for fire, the arcanist for arcane magic etc etc, and that it would be playable with a staff, it's still a mage we're talking about here :classic_tongue:.


I'm not going to ask for this to happen all at once or very quickly (even though I wouldn't be against it :classic_tongue:, but if at least it could be studied it would be, I think, really nice to finally have this kind of possibility in an MMORPG to fit this too classic side of the class ;), after, I'm not asking to prevent it from being played as it is now, but just to have other possibilities of orientation in order to be able to satisfy everyone.

Hopefully I'll get enough attention for this kind of topic.

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