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How not to be a team play


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So i was just in a pvp match, the other team was doing pretty well. They had a guardian (who is the villan) and a engi (who is the poor soul who had the guardian as a teammate) they were spawn camping us after wipping 2 of my teammates at mid and i ran back. We 3v2 them killed them in a few seconds the engi was the better one so we killed him first. The guardian thought he was the best thing since HoT but died really qucick and then started to complian that his team was no good. Skill level both teams were close to the same but fighting 5v3 and 2v1 and 3v2 cause they trickle in is bad. So this guardian was raging the whole time and not being nice. my team named him Toxic (fist part of his name) he was a skilled player but toxic for his team.

I wish there was a way he could learn not to be toxic for his team, and more importantly a way i can remove him from ever being on my team.

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