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Looking for a NA guild that runs fractals/strikes/raids


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A couple of friends and I are currently looking to join a guild willing to do fractals,. training raids and strikes. We have been playing the game for a while and usually 3 manning tier 2-3 fractals but figure its time to join a guild and expand our game play

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Heya! I'm unsure of when yall are active, but you're active at reset or later, then awesome! [Luna] is all about teaching folks and learning content together. We are currently doing progressive raid content as we have several folks, including myself, who have never raided or haven't raided in quite some time. We also do IBS/EoD Strikes and T1 through CM fractal training. We're social lads and like to have fun while we run content or spice things up by adding a "twist" to our events (one example being drunk nights). Hopefully that interests yall!

You can find our forum post here if you want more information about our guild and what other events we do. If there's an interest in trying us out or if there's any questions/concerns about anything, let me know and I'll be happy to answer for yall!

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