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EoD Strike Bugs (multiple)

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Hi Anet, I've encountered multiple bugs in EoD strikes recently:


1. Kaineng Overlook: During the mech/sniper phase, the sniper may become "friendly" (green) and therefore undamageable, halting the strike from progressing. This occurs often when the mech is killed first. Using the ziplines up to the sniper's perches may exacerbate the issue. Focusing down the sniper first resolves the issue.


2. Kaineng Overlook: After failing and then resetting the fight, the mech's "super laser beam" may begin randomly appearing on the ground, regardless of the phase. This was seen after the squad /gg during the mech/sniper phase, due to the above-mentioned bug. The phantom laser beam did not appear to inflict any damage to players.


3. Harvest Temple: After failing and then resetting the fight, Primordus' "super big chomp" may occur without any warning, ground AOE indicator, or wind-up.

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