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Stuck on loading page when switching maps

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I've been having this issue every since I started playing a few weeks ago

-I reinstall the game

-Run as admin

-Lower graphics (i belive my set up is not the problem here, usually take less than 6 seconds to load maps)

-Tryed compatibility

And a few other stuff I saw on google but none seems to work

It's annoying, especially because I can't log in right after, at this rate if I can't find a solution I'll eventually quit the game

Would appreciate if anyone can help me solve this



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In case anyone who google it end up here


The issue is packet loss due wireless gaming (gw2 is the first game I have this issue), and after a few days of trial and error, I "fixed" using the port 443 command, can be check out here:

Command line arguments - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

Also switched ISP DNS, there's many on google to be used

Last but not least, there's a ingame setting "Streaming" which is "Idle" by default, changed to "on demand"


Still getting the loadscreen problem, but it is playable now.

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