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Hello fellow gamers!

After few year break I've come back to the game. I've forgotten everything about everything. Lol. Used to play Mesmer as it was and seems like still is quite dificult class to master. But now it's quite hard to dive into it. Guess becoming old and stuff has made my reflexes to be worse aswell. SO. I was wondering. Maybe there are some tips You would recomend to a person who once has played this game and just now has come back on overall aspects on what's the new meta and stuff?


thank you! 

and have a great day, 

Sincerely, Daveyy.

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Hey Daveyy.

First off Welcome back. Trying to relearn a class can be difficult. I'd suggest looking at builds youtubers and other community members make. Seeing someone else play it and show it off helps me a lot to understand a rotation better than just having a guide say press 1, then 2, then 5 ect.  Also, there was a recent trend in the community to make LI Builds (Low Intensity). These builds, while not always THE top damage did a great job of keeping competitive damage numbers with an easy rotation. My recomendations:

Vallun on youtube. He does a set of videos "one build to rule them all" which give a build to bring into Open world, Strikes and pvp without changing up gear/traits. A fun jack of all trades but master of none build guide.

Mukluk on youtube/twitch. He did a bunch of LI builds. I think one of each class. These are great starting points for getting back into a class and rotation. This gives you something simple to work with without feeling like you are too far behind.

Hardstuck guild (mightyteapot on twitch) did a community contest for LI builds as well. Big variety there and some real fun builds. 

If you want to learn more of the meta Snowcrows is the website with all the top benchmark builds on it.

I am sure the community can share more helpful guide makers and sites. Also, a lot of these guys have discords to join if you need more advice. Good luck and again welcome back.

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