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Lf guild (raid training + social)[EU]


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Hey there,


I'm a returning player who's overwhelmed with all the new content. Since the beginning, I never really dabbled deep into hardcore pve parts of the game... you can say I'm a "casual". I mostly did it to get parts for better gear,  achievements, etc., not really for the experience. Therefore, I never really learned how to play "properly". In continuation of that tradition ...😅... I would like to build legendary armor.

I mostly played as Elementalist, and never really focused on other classes. I have full ascended berserker gear, so I guess I'm doomed to be just another dps. I know that class is not the best for unexperienced players who want to start with raids, so I've read... but, I still want to give it a go, since I'm most comfortable being an Ele.  Right now, I'm watching videos, and reading articles about best Elementalist builds, gear, rotations (the thing I never really cared about), etc., to get the basics right. Long story short, I would like to try raid training to see if I'm okay enough for it, or to drop the idea of legendary armor completely, if it turns out I suck. I don't expect to do it right away, the moment I join the guild... I'll see when I'm ready. What I'll offer: like I mentioned, the basic understanding of what I need to start. I'll follow those guiding me. I'll... try. What I don't want from the guild: frustration, judgmental behavior, etc.


When it comes to social aspect of the game. That's the main reason why I stopped playing. I've spent, let's see, according to the game... 6k hours playing this game, and I gained zero online buddies. It's not that I crave for it, but it would be nice to have some help sometimes. It's a mmo after all, can't avoid it forever. I'm "shy" (read: mentally deranged weirdo 😄), so using discord is not my thing, unless it's important for raids, and I'm there to listen. Then it's understandable. Anyway, that would be all. Thanks for reading, and drop a comment if you have a guild for me. 

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