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I'm a game industry veteran, 27 years AAA shooters and MMOs, and IMO your Jade Bot is ruining PvP. I understand why it's in the game but it's dps vs toughness and armor is silly compared to ALL non player controlled DPS options. In addition to this, it is essentially a mobile LOS disrupter. Huge fat, getting in the way of targeted damage output and uses range. Jade Mortar and Aim Assisted Rocket  needs to be checked by your system designers tbh along with it's "no investment condition damage" that is usually 500 a tic burning

When my teams have worked on balance you need to consider a ton of factors ranging from player action, investment, AI movement pathing, damage vs toughness/armor etc. The jade Bots are walking 9k no control hindenbergs. There's very little skill involved.
End gripe. Have a great day.


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