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Hello, I'm looking for a static group who is still learning / intend to start on doing Raid / Strike CMs


As for the roles / classes that I can play, starting from top which I'm more comfortable;

  • Power Mech - DPS / AlacDPS / HAM
  • Condi Harbringer - DPS / QuickDPS
  • Condi Scourge - DPS
  • Condi Firebrand - DPS / QuickDPS / HB
  • Condi Mirage - AlacDPS
  • Condi Virtuoso - DPS
  • Power DragonHunter / Power Reaper / Power Soulbeast - DPS
  • Heals Druid
  • Heals Renegade
  • and a few others but ever since that 'one' balance patch, I have not update/re-learn lol


For my playable time, I'm usually available everyday (except Sunday night), during afternoon - night time GMT+8 (Malaysia / Singapore time)

If you're interested to add me to your team, feel free to message me here or in-game. Thank you for reading!

Already got one

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