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Applying sigil to 2-handed weapon removes the previously applied sigil instead of applying it to the empty slot.


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Hello, the issue is in the title, this is what I did (in case the dev team tries to recreate it):


  • Used upgrade extractor on my longbow (completely fitted with 2 sigils and 2 +9 infusion).
  • From the Hero Panel -> Equipment, selected the Longbow.
  • Clicked on the available upgrade in the left viewbox:
  • Applied Superior Sigil of Torment.
  • Applied Superior Sigil of Doom.
  • Applied the 2 +9 Infusion.


I go to check the longbow and I only have the Superior Sigil of Doom fitted while the second slot is empty.

The second sigil overwrote the firs one instead of going into the empty slot.


It's 10 gold down the drain, that' reeeeeeally frustrating.


I don't know if it worked as intended (or if it's a bug) and I should have done it from the customize menu of the weapon, but if this is the case, PLEASE, change this behavior.
I can't think how frustrating this could be for a new player reaching lvl 80, slowly getting the required gold to fit its character and then see them disappear in a second.



First time I post something in 10 years of playing, I hope I did it in the correct place.

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I don't think this is what happened, I don't remember having to choose a slot, simply accepting (maybe I accepted that it was overwriting the first slot, might be).

In the original post I specified that I was doing it from the equipment window directly, not from the sigil, maybe the behavior is different in that case?


But then, why the default behavior for infusion is to be fitted in the first available slot (since I'm sure I just pressed quickly Ok, as I did for the sigil), while for sigil is to always go for the first one? This doesn't make sense.


And even if this is working as intended, why the default option should be fitting the first slot instead of fitting the first available slot?

This is not user friendly at all and will lead to these kind of mistakes.

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