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Odd character model visual bug


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I just recently downloaded GW2 on a new laptop and I'm getting this odd visual bug where my character model isn't rendering correctly/completely when in-game, however when I alt-tab to a different window/app, the character properly renders the armor and weapon (I can see GW2 in the background after alt tabbing). I alt-tab back into the game and it reverts back to incorrect visuals. Environment appears to look normal. 


I've tried all the different graphical presets, and tried different resolutions with full screen and borderless. Nothing seems to help.


System details:


Lenovo Legion 5 Pro
GPU: 3070
CPU: 5800H
OS: Windows 11


Any suggestions?



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Quick update.


I did some fiddling around with my laptop's display options and tried disabling HDR. This appears to have solved the issue.


I'm going to assume GW2 doesn't support HDR capability options, but it's strange as I have a HDR monitor that I use for my desktop PC and I never got this issue on that system. However my desktop uses Windows 10, not Windows 11. So perhaps it's an OS incompatibility issue? Oh well, problem solved I suppose.

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