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[NA, PvX, Ehmry Bay] Hearth of Owl welcomes players new and old


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★NA | PvX | Ehmry Bay | Guild missions first come first served★
Instructions for how to join are in the rules channel.  Otherwise reply here or message me in game (ecstaseed.2109).

Hearth of Owl is a place for bringing experienced players together with new and returning players in order to share knowledge and resources for the sake of progress, networking, and fun. We accept members from all servers and regions, although we are overwhelmingly from NA servers. We sometimes organize group content, and I do personal one-on-one teaching by request as needed. I've also prepared a new player primer to answer all the essential questions you didn't even know to ask, and get you pointed in the right direction to achieve your goals.

I've been around since the initial game launch in 2012, so you could do worse as far as leaders go 😄 seriously we have tons of learning tools and resources to share with you.

"Olrun called upon the spirits for advice, and Owl replied, 'To build a family on strength alone is to carve a nest of stone.' Then Olrun was pleased, for she had chosen a kindly mate."

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