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Returning Player Needs a Guild to Call Home


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I've played on and off since around GW2 Launch. I dabbled in various aspects of the game and have quite a bit of general knowledge with little true mastery. 

I primarily enjoy PvE Content, was starting to get into fractals before I stopped playing several years back around HoT. I think I may be installing the two newest expansions and commiting again to this truly wonderful MMO. 


Anyways, I'm a grown gay man in a commited relationship, looking to meet some new online friends to enjoy GW2 with. 

Would seriously prefer a more mature guild with other older gamers to socialize with. I'm 28 years old, NA, currently unemployed and looking to dedicate an unhealthy amount of time to losing myself in this world before I run out of money. (kidding, kinda, taking some time off)


I don't know if I should drop my Discord here but it's gnarterpz#6020.

Or message me in-game, I'm in Maguuma right now but have been considering a world change. 

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Hey come join us! Me and some friends came back to the game a few weeks ago and just made a brand new guild “Nova Synergia” we are looking to do any and all content and just build an over all friendly and tight knit community looking to experience Tyrus together. 



Or hit us up in game

Urza Timeweaver

Vin The Mistling

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Heyo! Hope you're doin fantastic today! If you're still looking for a guild, maybe look at Clair De Lune [Luna]. We are a social, PvE guild, focused on teaching folks and learning the game together. I'm not sure when you're most active, but our event start times occur anywhere from 8PM (reset) to Midnight EDT.

If you wanna give us a try, you can read our forum post HERE for more detailed information about the kind of guild we are, our expectations, who to contact, etc.

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Hi Gnarterpz! I feel like I'm meeting my twin as a fellow late 20's gay man in a committed relationship who is unemployed (I prefer the term domestic engineer/goddess lol). Anyways it looks like you got some great options already but please also remember in GW2 you can be in 5 amazing guilds simultaneously! With that revelation in mind please also consider playing with us fellow queer folks at Twilight Brigade [hack]. Myself and the leadership/members are very active daily and we focus on PvE content such as fractals, raids and strikes with multiple trainings/statics a week. Please message me on here, in game or on discord (same name) if you want anymore info 🙂



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