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[NA][LFG] Returning player looking for a chill guild to help me get back into end-game activities.


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Been playing on and off for the last 8 or so years and really want to get back into this game since there isn't much else to play at the moment. I'm very active and would love a chill community to help me get back into things.

Message me on discord @Astral#5364

Or comment on here but i may forget to check 

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Hiya! If  you're still looking for a guild, you can check out ours: Clair De Lune [Luna]. We are a PvE guild, focused on teaching folks about the game through events like raids, strikes, fractals, metas, etc. We also focus on learning together through progressive content or just helping each other in general! Our event times can begin anywhere between 8PM (reset) to Midnight EDT.

If we sound interesting to you, you can find our forum post HERE for more information about what we do and the kind of guild and people we are. Feel free to contact any of the listed people at the bottom of our forum post for any questions/concerns you have! You can also DM me here as I check the forums daily. 😄

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