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Berserker Trait Rework - Choosing How to Rage


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I feel like Berserker could really benefit from a pseudo rework when in comes to traits. One of the things that (imo) sucks with the spec is that Berserk Mode is your big gimmick, but the only things that extend the mode itself are the Rage skills. I think it'd be far more interesting if, instead of Rage skills extending Berserk Mode, the traits were adjusted to include ways to extend Berserk Mode at each tier, sort of how Renegades get to choose how they want to gain Kalla's Fervor at the Adept Tier.


I think this would open up some fun build crafting, and would let players tailor how their berserking is fueled without having them feel like they have to choose specific utility skills just to make it work.


Just to clarify what I mean, take the Berserker Adept trait Savage Instinct for example. What I'm proposing is that, along with its current effect, this trait would also get an additional effect, like "Breaking stuns extends berserk mode's duration." Each Berserker trait would get some additional effect like this, so that, at full build, a player would have 3 chosen ways to extend Berserk Mode.

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I think this could work so long as it's simple adjustments. I think the biggest issue with the beraerk mode extension is that it makes you feel locked into the rage skills, and doesn't let you choose too widely from what little skills we already have to choose from for a decent build. However, I don't think it should be tied to skill usage, and honestly, I think Berserk should just be a flat duration in which you're given bonus features to certain skills, considering there's already a 20s cap to berserk anyway. It may sound silly to say that, bit when you think about it, why offer up an extension to its duration when you're just going to limit how much you can extend it by anyway? Just give us a set duration and change how certain skills interact while in Berserk mode.

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