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Alac Renegade; the buffs I want to see next patch.


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As of right now, alacren is the only support that requires a stupidly high boon duration (BD) to upkeep a single boon. 78% BD is the minimum requirement for permanent alacricy on Renegade, while other providers get away with 40% or even less. Getting such a high BD is a big gear investment, requiring either diviners or ritualist/celestial + BD runes. I want to see this change and lower the required BD for alacricy upkeep on Renegade. 


To do this i want to rework three things. The first one is orders from above. Remove the alacricy from the base version, and replace it with resistance, 2 sec per pulse for a total of 8 seconds. This goes in line with the condi defence of its related trait: Righteous Rebel.


Righteous Rebel would also be reworked, now providing alacricy, 2,5 sec per pulse for a total of 10, and it wouldn't increase the number of pulses anymore. It would still retain its condi damage reduction. 


The third thing I would rework is the trait: Bold Reversal. As of now it's kind of a useless trait, as it lacks in power and competes with two other strong traits. I would completely rework this to provide 2 seconds of alacricy when swapping legends. When combined with the reworked Righteous Rebel would let Renegade upkeep permanent alacricy with 30-40% BD, and it would have DPS tradeoffs due to competing traits.

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