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[Orca] Orange Candy (NA) - We are looking for new friends to play together with!

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We are [Orca] Orange Candy. We are looking for more people to play with.

We mostly do PvE, tho we sometimes play WvW (NA world: Devona's Rest) and rarely some PvP. We usually mostly play together after the reset.
9pm ET is always the start time where we do our guild activities.
Our Guildhall is at Isle of Reflections. (We have a jumping puzzle in the guildhall btw)

What are we exactly looking for?
We are looking for nice and chill people who wants to start and grow a small community with us regardless of experience in the game.


Our Activities:

  1. Weekly EoD Strike Missions - Sunday 9pm ET
  2. Weekly Fractals - Tuesday 9pm ET
  3. Weekly Dragonstorm + IBS Strikes - Thursday 9pm ET

(Sometimes we WvW @ Devona's Rest for fun usually after reset +2)


If you are interested:
- please join our discord server: Orange Candy Server Link
- Read and agree to the rules on our rules channel
- Send your display name / username on our guild invite channel if interested in joining.
Message hollywoodenspoon#0021 on discord if you have any questions or join the server and ask over at the general chat.

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