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[EU][PvE Main] The Infamous Soo Slayers [Soo] Recruiting


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[Soo] is a main focused PvE guild based on a friendly community [EU] who was formed to defeat soo won back when it was released. Currently we do Daily organized Soo-Won Meta (1000%win rate always) /  Daily Strikes / Weekly Strikes / Daily Dragonstorm /  General Metas / Static Raid Team / Training Raid soon / Training Strikes / Fractals / Guild Missions .  The guild is very helpful, big and active. [Soo] is a place for casual players who want normal content and veteran hardcore players who want easy clean clears. 

We also have our new discord level ranking system which allow players to gain free gold/in game events/giveaways !


Please join discord link through website   [discord.io/SooSlayers]        and ask for guild invite! We looking forward to see you slayers! Come get your daily 10000% win chance soo won meta and other ton of PvE metas!




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