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February 14 Balance Update Preview - Engineer Feedback


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On the issue of boon and condition source for the Mech, I wanted to point out in the Alchemy Trait [Compounding Chemicals] does not grant any concentration on the Mech unlike the expertise granted by [Thermal Vision] within the Firearms Trait that does works on Mech. Making it to work on Mech like the other trait being updated on would help in bringing in more source of boon for the Mech.


Another thing that I hope to be added with engineer is Med Kit Skill 1 Med Blaster to be able to target Allies, I have posted about this since learning of the specter ally targeting mechanic. Since then you have added it to Druid staff and now to Elementalist water staff in the next update. I hope one day it is added with the med kit as it would help greatly in healing for the engineer who uses med kit.

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