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[EU] Unending Ocean [Blue] |-| A small and social PvE guild


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A guild for you, who likes to not suck at instanced content, especially after a tough or dull day a work. Because who likes fail with pugs after a 14 hour long day?

Blue is a small guild who sprung out of the safe environment from a beginner oriented guild. With unplanned boundaries, blue are now looking to expand!
We are a guild focused on the social aspects and personal progression of the game. We offer weekly content, for the person who likes to plan their days ahead, and daily spontaneous runs, for the person with varying working days. On the Discord, you can sign up for our upcoming regulars, and interact whenever you're not home or still in-game.
Talking on voice is never required. As long as you can learn or teach, we welcome you here – as veteran, returning or other.

 What we are looking for is fresh and active players, dull and lazy people, working or studying.
The ideal recruit have either tried strikes, raid or fractals on CM, but anyone is welcome nonetheless!

Send out a message
to Nemo.1523 (ingame),
to NemoTheClown#1337 (discord)
or through this forum (which is totally build for fast communication ...)


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