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Mark and Deadeye Stolen Skills should clear the skill queue and be cast with priority.


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Mark and Deadeye Stolen Skills should clear the skill queue and be cast with priority like dodge rolls, healing skills and certain utility skills.

I know this might sound like a L2P issue, but with Rifle's slow speed and general unresponsive feel I've always found it annoying that I might've pressed 3 Round Burst one more time than I should've, and be stuck casting it when instead I *really* need to cast Mark or one of the Deadeye Stolen Skills to enter stealth and cast Deaths Judgement (and don't even get me started with how many times Deaths Judgement for some reason gets cancelled by an Auto half way thru the shot...).

Even when starting certain engagements, Mark just refuses to cast if I press Mark and then 3 Round Burst leading me to spam the absolute kitten out of F1 before doing *anything* at all which just feels god awful.

I definitely miss the OG Mark and Stolen Skills being an Instant cast and I know we can't have that back in our current sandbox but please, just let them clear the skill queue so they atleast feel responsive.

A little bit of a tangent but I wanted to mention that the Malice Counter display is still broken and not rendering properly in many different areas and encounters. I swear there was a patch note some time last year that said that was fixed, and it definitely was not fixed.

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