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Looking for Guild NA


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I am looking for a guild for PvE content. I have a level 80 Ranger going Druid spe,c but am still very new, I have only done open world content and a few dungeon runs so far but would like to do more on a casual basis, so PvE casual is really what I am looking for in a guild. I don't use use Discord or other VC but if needed I could install Discord to listen for times it's required but I do not have a mic. So if there are any guilds that are recruiting that are looking for a heal focused Ranger who is learning, chill, friendly and will have your back 🙂 please reply. My characters name is Damon Ander and am on the Devona's Rest server, I also have been thinking about rolling an alt or two but the Ranger is my current main and only level 80 character so far.



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Hey, we're on the same server! I have a PvE focused guild (Mystic Spectrum) that is more about the social aspect than anything. We are pretty small, only 50 members, but the one's we do have are very active. Discord isn't required for most things, but a when it is a mic is never required. If you are still looking for a guild let me know and I'll send you an invite. 

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