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How Guild Wars saved my life


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The topic may look weird to you but this is a true story.

Thirteen years ago, I was playing Guild Wars with friends I made all around America.  One of them was Lady Norea (real name : Loren Hunter)

On a night, I was playing with Loren and I was complaining about some health issue.  What I didn't knew at that time is that she was a doctor.  After explaining my situation, she plead me to go to the hospital hot RUSH.  No time to play it's an emergency !


I asked Loren why ? She just told me that she didn't have the right to tell me because she was not authorize to give a diagnostic in an other country than United State but to hurry up.  She scared me a bit and I decide to go to the hospital.  I get out of there 2 weeks later.


I was diagnosed with diabetes and after the first test they did to me they asked me why I wasn't dead.  My blood sugar crush the hospital record.  They were stunned to saw someone walking by himself normally to the hospital with a deadly rate blood sugar.


I lost track of Loren a short time after this.  I learned today Loren died from an heart attack.  I never been able to thank you for saving my life that day!   THANK YOU


I write this story here so you will never be forget !  RIP Loren ! 


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