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[EU][LFM] Mon&Tues Raid Progression Static


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About us, we are a month old fresh progression static and we have cleared w1-w4 each week and have begun our w5-w7 progression. In future we will also do strike CMs when we can make our raid kills faster.
Discord is required. 

Our schedule: (each day we raid for about 2:30 hours)
Monday 4.30 PM CET - W1-W4 Kills 
Tuesday 4.30 PM CET - W5-W7 Progression 
Saturday 4.30 PM CET - Training Special Roles

Our expectations of you: 
-Experience in all bosses of w1-w4 and should have did almost all bosses except few in w5-w7 at least once or twice.
-Can cover support roles
-Patience & Punctuality

Whisper me in-game/discord or message me here to know if we meet your expectations as well.
Discord : sloth#6312


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