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Question about something I want to post but can't find a reference here, hoping a forum moderator can answer

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I looked through the forums and I see game related content but not forum etiquette content (or I am just missing it). I bought the collectors edition game when it first released, but myself and my guildmates no longer play as work and family takes up most of our lives now. Lots of fond memories but I am moving and have been trying to get rid of a bunch of things. I still have my original Rytlock Brimstone collectors edition statue in perfect condition and was going to sell it on ebay or facebook but I know how us gamers are and I wanted to let a fan have the option of getting it first before some reseller grabs it due to the amount of damaged statues I saw on ebay (everyone seems to break the sword for some reason) and I wanted to know if it was ok to post it somewhere on the forums if someone would like to buy it from me. I know its a strange request and if it violates the forum rules then I won't say anything more on the subject and go on my merry way, I just don't have room for it and thought someone who actively plays the game might like to buy it from me and add it to their collection as it is an original piece. Would make me feel better to give it to someone who would actually appreciate it after taking care of it for so long. I know its a strange request but I wanted to ask before I posted a thread about it and made any devs or admins angry. Thank you for any feedback and your time.

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