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WvW Tactics Activation Adjustment


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I'm often frustrated in WvW when a novice player enters the keep our Guild has claimed and pulls one of the tactivators just to see what it does. I spent time and resources into creating those tactics. It's nice to have the new addition that I can trade chests in for random tactics. However, the critical ones we still have to replace. There is a feature for restricting public activation, but I have yet to see the feature work. Even if it did, that would mean that only my Guildmates could activate the tactics and if the keep is under siege, you need someone to activate that Emergency Waypoint. I was wondering if the tactics could be locked out to new players below a certain rank? When players come into the PvE world they get a tutorial as they level up. In WvW they just charge in there and pull things. Maybe tier 1 tactivator unlocks at say 350? Tier 2 at 500 and Tier 3 at 850? Those numbers are arbitrary. However, it would be a better option that a general lock out. You at least know the player has some feel for WvW at least.

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