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Haya Guys, I know Extra Life for Guild Wars 2 is in a long time, but I've been participating for three years(With DCUO team) and started my own team this year. I posted a few Guild Wars 2 incentives I can do during my upcoming streams. I hope this is the right section by the way. I'm trying to raise 500$ myself. Anything helps 🙂

  • Some of my incentives include a "Blind no glasses challenge" - You can challenge me to complete heroic points without glasses (I am literally blind without lmao), do a jumping puzzle on easy mode, a Meta\Boss or full map exploration.
  • Zero death stream where I am not allowed to die for a whole hour and if I do I fail the challenge and have to restart plus make a 10$ donation myself to one of my team mates for each failure. And I also have to be in a 80 level hard map of your choice (Probably HoT lol)
  • A Seven Hours stream dedicated all to Guild Wars 2 with lore trivia and more. 🙂
  • Level a character to level 80, gender and race of donor's choice. Can last for several streams until I finish!

If you guys wish to help my cause to help kids (I know It's super early again) my page is below>>


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