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White or blue flickering in DX11 only

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Hello all, 


I am hoping to get some assistance;

When I switch to the DX11 API, even with all settings turned off, Win 11 VRR and optimisation turned off, I get white flickering or blue flickering thats prominent on the lower section of the my screen as well as sides, this happens anywhere in game and even occurs as I stand still.


In DX9, this does not occur at all and I have updated win 11 and my Nvidia drivers, looking for some hope of fix for this.


My system 

AMD 5900x

Asus ROG 570 chipset

Nvidia 3070ti using the latest studio driver variant to this date


I have messed about with all of the ingame settings and playing either windowed or fullscreen.


I have messed about with the Nvidia settings, this is the only game where this happens and again only when switching to the DX11 API, I would love to say its hardware related but this doesn't occur in DX9 mode and I have plenty of DX11 and DX12 games where this does not occur.


Uploaded a video to what I am experiencing.





Thank you for reading.

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Could be something with Windows 11 and ArenaNet doesn't support Windows 11 as of yet.
It might take a while before that happens, but I can't say for sure what that is. I do experience something similar from time to time in Windows 10, but it's usually once or twice.

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