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Commander's wrong voice & Reaper aggro issue

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I want to submit a couple of bugs I've experienced:


1) During LW3 The Head of the Snake chapter, second part (Eyes on Lake Doric), while gathering intelligence around the map, the commander sometimes speaks with the wrong voice, I've a human male character and he spoke with a charr male voice while checking on Saidra's Haven, and with a human female voice while checking on Harvest Cascades. Same thing happened to my friend that has a human female character, and she spoke again with a charr male voice on Saidra's Haven and again with charr male voice on Harvest Cascades.


P.S. I could be wrong when I say "charr male voice", it can be a norn male voice, I don't have any charr or norn characters so I can't say, but the point is that the voice was not the right voice


2) It's being a while that my sylvari reaper has issues at exiting combat: it happens randomly and kinda not that often, but when I enter a fight and defeat the enemy, ending the combat, it takes around 20/30 seconds to my character to be considered out of combat. At the beginning I thought that I was simply in aggro of other mobs, but no, my reaper just can't exit combat when he's supposed to do.

He is the only one character out of 14 that has this problem.

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